1. Temporarily close the shopping cart: Select (close shop for: minutes/hours) below, and then press the red submit,The countdown timer will be displayed immediately. After the countdown timer expires, the shopping cart will reopen.
  2. To open the shopping cart at any time, press the green submit
  1. 暫時關閉購物車:在下面選擇(關閉商店:分鐘/小時),然後按紅色 submit,將立即顯示倒數計時器。 倒數計時器到期後,購物車將重新打開。
  2. 要隨時打開購物車,請按綠色 submit
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  • AM=00:00 – 12:00 | PM=12:00 – 24:00,Modify the time you want, then press submit
  • If you need to leave a message, fill in the “Message” box and press submit
  • Cancel the “Message”, don’t need to fill in (blank message), then press submit
  • AM=00:00 – 12:00 | PM=12:00 – 24:00,修改您想要的時間,然後按 submit
  • 如果您需要留言,請填寫 “留言” 框,然後按 submit
  • 取消 “消息”,無需填寫(空白消息),然後按 submit
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